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This means Lawin has a centralized system of which the prices offered are the same, anywhere you are in Thailand. Whether you are in Bangkok, or Phuket or Chiang Mai, However, prices exclude pick-up charges for provinces outside Bangkok Metropolis 42/50 districts.

NO. Lawin does not employ agents, rather, we have domestic shipping partners. The communication channel is centralized.

  1. Free Pick-Up: Within Bangkok Metropolis 42/50 districts
  2. Arranged Pick-up by Lawin’s Domestic Partner from anywhere in Thailand.
  3. Your Courier of Choice. You can send it to our Bangkok warehouse with you desired transportation/ courier.

This depends on the service requested and the delivery locations. Under Normal circumstances, packages are delivered as early as 20 days fo Metro Manila and a maximum of 55 days for Mindanao.

In case of any unavailable delays, Lawin will notify customers accordingly through its online tracking channels.

It will be after Bangkok Port confirmed its departure date. Lawin will send SMS & Email Delivery Updates afterwards

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Comprehensive Online Tracking Services
SMS & Email Delivery Updates
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NO Agent Fee
Strict Conflict of Interest Policy
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Choose the RIGHT Box

Strong, undamaged and sturdy corrugated box. Ensure your shipment falls within the standard weight and size limits

Avoid Empty Space

Restrict product movement inside the box. Fill empty spaces with appropriate and enough cushioning materials such as bubble wrap and foams.

Proper Placement
& Item Packing

Put heavier items at the bottom and lighter items on top. Wrap Fragile items separately with at least enough thickness of air cellular cushioning or foam.

Seal with an H &
Properly Label Each Box

Use proper sealing tape. Seal the outer box using the H-Style , taping method (top and bottom part). Wrap up the center of the box with tape. This will help strengthen the box and protect the products inside. Properly place labels with complete contact information of the sender& receiver.